Estes Construction
Work Hard.
Play Hard.
People want to work at Estes. The projects are challenging. The culture is inspiring, collaborative and welcoming.The leadership is inclusive and encouraging. The possibilities for personal and professional growth are boundless. There is strong commitment to promote from within and hire interns upon college graduation. Volunteerism is a core value and is expected of every employee. But it's not all work and no play. A strong team needs time out of the office or away from the job site to socialize and develop friendships with peers. Company founders Jim and Lori Estes wanted their company to be the preferred place to work. And it is.
The Best Builder.
The Best Employer.
Being the best is our true desire. Achieving this standard of excellence drives us and reminds us daily that being average isn't the Estes way. Our advocacy, leadership, value and responsiveness set Estes apart as the preferred builder and employer. To sustain best in class performance, we are obsessive about our process and take no shortcuts. We have a clear vision as a company and on each project, knowing where we are and where we are headed. We align jobs and people, making sure the right person is chosen for each job. We deliver successful outcomes that go beyond completing a building project. We value relationships. We are advocates for our clients. We are Estes.
"We Didn't Start Out With a Grand Plan, But We Always Felt Like We Could Handle The Situation."
Company Founder, Jim Estes
Kitchen Table. Redstone Building.
And The History In Between.
It's Always Been About Collaboration.

“There was nobody in town I wanted to work for, so starting my own business just happened.” Company founder, Jim Estes, retells the humble beginning of his company that is still growing and achieving new levels of excellence over 40 years later.

Jim had an architect friend, and they collaborated with clients on small commercial buildings in the early 1970s. Jim might say his best collaboration ever was with his wife, Lori, who did the books for the company at night while working a day job for the first 13 years of their relationship. Sometime in the early years, Lori moved her bookkeeping from the kitchen to the laundry room. Jim made her a desk out of a mispick door from a jobsite and two file cabinets. And Jim doubled her salary every year. “Twice of nothing was still nothing,” Lori recalls.

“In the early days, we had to guarantee a job with our personal assets. Our home, car, my wedding ring. It was risky, but we always knew we would succeed,” reflects Lori. These were lean times but Jim's can do attitude blinded him to the risk. “We didn't start out with a grand plan, but we always felt like we could handle the situation,” said Jim.

“We followed the money,” Lori stated, “and this wasn't about being greedy. It was about working where there was work to be done, so our employees could support their families.”
Rolling With The Punches.

In the early 1980s when the recession hit the Quad Cities, Jim “refused to participate,” according to Lori. The company took jobs where available, including Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans and Memphis. Much of the work was building fast food restaurants with extremely tight construction schedules. Estes earned a favorable reputation as the builder that could meet a tight deadline while staying under budget.

The Reward Of A Challenge.

The company's watershed project was construction of the Quad-City Times building in downtown Davenport. The location of the building along River Drive was very visible to business people driving past the site twice a day. “The people noticed us every day as they drove past the construction site on their way to work. This project changed our company,” Lori reflected. In spite of the weak economy, this project was celebrated as something positive happening in town, and the media often covered the story because the rest of the financial news was not encouraging. Estes completed the building in time for the new press to be installed and finished the job two months ahead of schedule.

Continued Collaboration.

Following its ongoing success with a process for collaboration, Estes moved to advance the concept. Estes Construction was at the forefront of Integrated Project Delivery, a process that involves all stakeholders early in a project and yields significant savings to clients. The company had been operating under this delivery method for decades, and the market finally recognized its value. Today it is the preferred delivery method for many complex construction projects, and Estes has been recognized as a national leader.

With exceptional leadership, dedicated staff and honest core values, Jim and Lori Estes laid a great foundation for Estes Construction to succeed in the future as an advocate for clients from concept to completion. The company maintains its headquarters in downtown Davenport's historic Redstone Building. Estes completed the historical restoration on the Redstone Building in 2001.

Leaders. Listeners. Learners.
The Estes leadership team are guides. They earned their leadership role by teaching, inspiring and collaborating. They encourage the open sharing of ideas. They know each idea has the potential to create a remarkable experience for the client. They give those with leadership aptitude the room to grow and the training to become a leader. They are peers, genuinely interested in the development of the next generation of leaders.
More Than A Job.


Right Person.
For The Right Job.
Proper job alignment leads to a more satisfying career. Bring your talent to Estes and make a difference in the field or in the office. Your career path may include both. Some career tracks require experience on a job site along with office training in planning, scheduling or estimating. This unique opportunity to receive cross training will help you discover your ideal career fit while developing a broader skill set. Internships are available and college students with a solid GPA and the desire to excel are encouraged to apply.
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More Than A Paycheck.
Estes offers a generous benefit package including paid personal days, insurance, 401(k) and competitive pay. Beyond these benefits are opportunities for educational reimbursement and invitations to social activities. Employees and their families are encouraged to take advantage of company-sponsored sports outings and other group socials. Everybody at Estes is required to volunteer. Give your time to your charity of choice or sign up through our social committee to find your passion.
Train. Learn. Win.
Sharpen your skills with practical training and learning. Estes employees receive leadership development training and are given organizational tools to boost productivity and job satisfaction. The collaborative environment at Estes thrives on group training exercises that build solid teams, focused on achieving shared goals. Training in the field involves learning new technology or deploying advanced safety techniques that protect contractors.
Give Your Time. Give Your Talent.
"You are required to give back to the community. You can't just go home from work and go to sleep."
Company Founder, Jim Estes
Company founder Jim Estes is passionate about volunteering. It's good for business. Good for the community. And even better for the individual. Every Estes employee has something to give. Coach a team. Serve on a committee. Help at risk youth. Your passion will be supported at Estes. Company leadership lead by example by serving the community and many causes are given corporate financial support.

An Honor To Be Nominated.
A Thrill To Win.
Our hard work is inspired by our desire to create remarkable experiences for our clients. Occasionally, it is nice to celebrate a win and be recognized for a job well done. Estes was in the first class of winners of the Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering awards, presented by The Associated General Contractors of America in 1993. Estes has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Deere and Company, receiving an Achieving Excellence award for four consecutive years. Estes has completed more IMPACT projects than any other local contractor and was recognized by the Illowa Construction Labor and Management Council for involvement on the 300th IMPACT agreement project.