Estes Construction
Every owner wants input and more control over a building project. Estes welcomes input from owners and the architect before the project starts. We even have a name for it, Client Centered Collaboration®. This collaboration brings savings to the owner and often results in a shorter construction timeline. Pulling all stakeholders into a project during the planning stage harnesses the talents of the entire team. All project participants work in unison throughout the entire project and Estes is your advocate; identifying cost savings opportunities, ensuring quality control and finishing out the construction phase with owner training and a one-year warranty period.
"There was great value in having Estes involved in the early design stages to assist with cost identification. We all collaborated with the architect for solutions that resulted in the best value, as well as our satisfaction with the final outcome. The projects all came in on time and budget."

Dennis Hall, I.H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union
It's All In The Planning.
The planning we do before starting a project sets Estes apart. This key differentiator is often sited by our clients as the influencing factor in their decision to hire Estes. Nobody else does pre-construction like Estes. We are enthusiastic about our pre-construction process and dedicated to bringing all stakeholders together, right from the start, to cultivate the best ideas, for the best project outcome. The deliverables from these pre-construction planning efforts include a baseline estimate with options for initial or long-term savings, project timeline and subcontractor bid approvals. Clients can review a series of Smart Choices® presented by Estes that can lower initial costs or save the operator money over the life of the building. Not every construction manager will give you options to spend less. As an advocate for clients, Estes is transparent in presenting all available options and functions as a trusted advisor throughout the entire building process. After all, a client with a remarkable experience with Estes will become a repeat client with Estes.
Controlled Construction.
We can't control the weather, but we can control the schedule, costs, quality and safety. The plans from pre-con are worked during construction with a very systematic approach we call Unified Delivery®. Your superintendent is on site every day ensuring high quality work is being done safely and on schedule. The Illowa Construction Management Council consistently recognizes Estes as one of the “Safest Quad City Area Contractors.” Costs are closely monitored during construction and you receive a monthly report, including your contingency balance. No surprises at the end of a job. During final billing, you will receive a detailed cost summary of your project and any savings will be returned to you.
A Strong Finish.
Estes doesn't walk away from your job the day the punch list hits zero. In fact, we view completion as a beginning. When your building is ready for occupancy, you'll receive a full demonstration of mechanical, electrical, fire, security and technology systems as part of our Sustained Performance® phase. Your manual will include warranties and all paperwork you'll need to occupy your new building. Even after you move in, Estes is still with you. Your one-year warranty covers all labor and materials. As you approach the one-year anniversary of occupancy, Estes will do a final walk through with you to correct any issues.
"One of the things I really liked was when the project was done, I still had Estes’ services for another year to make sure all the warranties were intact."

Jim Bohnsack, Rock Island County

The Team Approach.
You are a key player in your building project, and integrated project delivery (IPD) assures your seat at the table. IPD helps you save money and have a more enjoyable construction project. You are part of the team that also includes the architect, Estes and key subcontractors. The talents of every key player are utilized early in the project to collectively make informed decisions that give you the most value. Utilizing IPD means more efficiency, less waste, and more savings for you. For Estes clients, it’s typically an 11.7% savings. Your new construction, remodel, building addition or historic restoration can use IPD.
Manage And Build.
Collaborate with Estes as your consultant in the development and design phases, and general contractor during the construction phase. Assuming the risk for construction performance, Estes holds all trade subcontracts during construction. The owner benefits from Estes’ pre-construction advisory services and some components of construction can be fast tracked, prior to full design completion.
Trusted Guidance.
As a construction manager, Estes is the owner’s representative and point of contact for the designer, contractor and other key players. You should be brought into the project early to give the owner the best guidance to control time, cost, scope and quality.
“I wouldn't do any job that we have in the future that would require construction management, without the CM. I would immediately call Estes and have them involved in the project.”

Ray Bergles, Silvis School District #34
“Estes worked very hard being an advocate for our museum and always kept our goals at the forefront of decisions, keeping my team informed of potential issues and milestones. Estes worked hard at managing and motivating the subcontractors with ZERO safety issues.”

Dawn Hendershot, John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum and Visitor Services

Single Contract.
The design-build method makes Estes responsible for all aspects of the project. Estes becomes your single point of responsibility and accountability. Design-build has the potential for rapid completion and allows the owner to work with Estes as construction manager under a single contract. The owner leads the team that is assembled to best meet the project requirements.

Go Green. Save Some Green.
You can afford a green project. Every Estes project is done with the intent to achieve sustainable design at no additional cost. LEED is not the only green building tool Estes uses. Green Globes is a more affordable alternative to LEED that provides early feedback on opportunities to benefit from energy savings, reduced environmental impacts and lower costs for maintenance. You can review options and benefits before construction begins. Existing buildings can be evaluated through Green Globes to identify areas where cost savings can be achieved.