Estes Construction

Entertainment And Recreation
Estes builds facilities that bring families together at special events, sporting events, movies and gyms. These key entertainment and recreational facilities are often operated by non-profit organizations where every dollar spent is scrutinized. Having an advocate like Estes during a construction project is crucial. Estes understands funding challenges on multiple levels, as both a construction manager and as members of various non-profit boards.

As construction advocates, Estes partners closely with boards and owners to work within budget. During the pre-construction phase, Smart Choices® are presented
that allow decision makers to select materials and finishes that are identified by both cost and useful life. Having these options allow boards to make informed decisions about today’s budget and tomorrow’s operating costs.

At the conclusion of construction, a one-year warranty is activated. During the year following construction, Estes can be called upon to correct any labor or material issues. Near the end of this one-year warranty period, Estes will conduct a final walk-through with the board or owner to ensure complete satisfaction with the workmanship.