Estes Construction

Historical Restoration
Estes is privileged to help restore or save historical buildings. We are an advocate for saving buildings and Estes can be called upon at any stage of the planning process to provide insight and firm cost estimates, which are especially important when comparing options to renovate or build new.

Building committees for churches and colleges, and developers of buildings that will be converted into urban housing, count on Estes to stretch budgets and help prepare documentation for financing applications when funding is available. Options called Smart Choices® are presented that allow a committee to compare cost options and make decisions that are in alignment with goals and the budget.
The blending of tradition and technology is common in historical restorations and Estes has been entrusted to preserve many churches and iconic buildings. By working closely with an architect and the building committee, Estes can create an environment that preserves the architectural features and historic fabric while transforming the building with advanced technology.