Estes Construction

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An Estes superintendent is on your jobsite every day to ensure high quality work is being performed. Anything less than high quality is unacceptable. Communication on the jobsite keeps every trade contractor informed of project specifications and prevents errors than can cause delays. During the daily site meeting, contractors review the plans, address safety concerns and discuss any issues that may come up that day. During the weekly meeting, each contractor updates the team on progress and scheduling issues. This information is used by the superintendent to prepare a three-week look ahead that is shared with the building owner or operator.
Away from the jobsite, your Estes contracts manager is working closely with your project manager to track costs on work being done, and monitoring compliance, insurance and bonding requirements. Whether it’s a new school build, a small remodel or addition, or construction of a neighborhood healthcare facility, every Estes project follows the same unified delivery model to produce an exceptional experience.