Estes Construction

Education (K-12)
Superintendents, principals and school boards rely on Estes to guide them through challenging construction projects. A building remodel or build is often unchartered territory for educational leaders responsible for the conscientious spending of taxpayer dollars.

Estes can be called upon at any phase of a construction project. We even offer referendum assistance and prepare accurate budgets and preliminary designs that can be shared with the community to earn its support. Some schools even count on Estes to help identify designers who will be a good fit for the district’s proposed project.

Typically, we are contacted to help guide decision makers as soon as school officials identify the project. With your input, we determine if a remodel is more cost-effective than a new build and provide accurate cost estimates early in the planning process. Current and anticipated space needs are identified during the facilities assessment to help schools complete a construction project that meets its needs well into the future. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are evaluated along with the building envelope when a remodel or addition seems the likely solution.

Estes Construction was named an Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) affiliate in 2009 and is the only construction manager on the Iowa Construction Advocate Team (ICAT). The team was formed to provide construction expertise and guidance as a benefit to IASB members. ICAT services include referendum support, facility assessments, master plans and construction. IASB member districts receive a reduced fee to help districts stretch available funds.

Contact Estes to request more detailed information on K-12 facility services, including our comprehensive facilities evaluation process, referendum assistance and designer selection.